In addition to WRIDS led work, the Drug Strategy is also a partner in a variety of other community led initiatives that have implications for the well being of people who use drugs.

The WRIDS is always open to opportunities to bring the needs of people who use drugs into community conversations. If you have an opportunity you feel would benefit from the perspective of the WRIDS please reach out at

 Cambridge North Dumfries and KW4 OHTs Mental Health and Addictions Work Streams
 The WRIDS coordinator was well as other WRIDS members participate in the Mental Health and Addictions work streams for both the Cambridge North Dumfries (CND) and KW4 Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) to support linkages between OHT work and groups working in the substance use field as well as advocating for the development of services that are accessible for and inclusive of the needs of people who use drugs.
 Alternate Destination Clinic (ADC) Clinical Services Working Group
 In connection to the Community Safety and Wellbeing plan, The Region of Waterloo is supporting the creation of an alternate destination clinic for people experiencing challenges with mental health and addictions. The clinic is a new model where paramedics can bring eligible mental health and addictions patients to a community clinic instead of taking them to the Emergency Department. The WRIDS has representation on both the Clinical Services and Advocacy and Funding working groups.
 Plan to End Chronic Homelessness (PECH) Co-Creators Table
 The WRIDS coordinator as well as several agencies engaged with the WRIDS are participants in the PECH co-creators table to advocate for the needs of people who use drugs in the housing services available within Waterloo Region in the development of the plan. The WRIDS looks forward to working closely with those involved with the PECH going forward to achieve better integration of supports for people who use drugs who are also experiencing homelessness.
 Drug Strategy Network of Ontario (DSNO)
 The Drug Strategy Network of Ontario is a collective of over 160 representatives of drug strategies in urban, northern, rural, remote, and Indigenous communities across Ontario. The DSNO "aims to prevent and/or reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs in Ontario, including addressing systemic issues like health and social policies and the criminalization of people who use substances." Participation in the network provides the WRIDS the opportunity to connect with drug strategies across the province to share emerging and promising practices as well as participating in larger systems advocacy on a provincial level that is a necessity for improving the health and well being of people who use drugs.

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