WRIDS Work Groups

Overdose Monitoring & Alert Response System (OMARS)
The Overdose Monitoring Alert and Response System (OMARS) provides local and timely information about overdose in Waterloo Region drawing from a range of data indicators and input from community partners. Learn more about the OMARS work group.
Overdose Prevention Work Group
The goal of the Overdose Prevention work group is to work with priority populations through partnership to decrease the incidence and negative impacts of drug poisoning and policy crisis in Waterloo Region. A wide range of activities falls under this group with a central focus being the planning of annual International Overdose Awareness Day events.
Addressing Barriers to Calling 9-1-1 After Overdose Work Group
The goal of the Addressing Barriers to Calling 9-1-1 After Overdose work group is to detail the root causes of the barriers that prevent people from calling 9-1-1 after overdose and to develop and implement a workplan(s) to actionize evidence-informed solutions.
Advancing Decriminalization Work Group.
Check back soon for more information on the Advancing Decriminalization work group.

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