There are several different types of addiction treatment programs offered in Waterloo Region, including Residential and Community-based services.

Residential Addiction Treatment 

Following assessment, individuals who are determined to be in need of residential addiction services are eligible to access Ministry of Health-funded treatment beds from across the province. The full range of residential treatment programs available in the province can be accessed by the treatment-seeking individual.

House of Friendship Programs

174 King Street North is a free 5-6 month residential treatment program for men whose substance use has seriously affected their lives. It is a supportive, substance-free environment where participants can identify and address lifestyle issues and build on personal strengths. Call 1-844-437-3247 (HERE247) for assessment and screening.

Alcontrol is a residential treatment program for adult women whose use of alcohol and/or other drugs has seriously affected their lives. It provides a supportive drug-free environment. Abstinence is required. Participants identify and address lifestyle issues and build on personal strengths. Call 1-844-437-3247 (HERE247) for assessment and screening.

If you are concerned about a loved one, please call 519-742-8327 ext. 216 to speak with a House of Friendship Staff.

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community in Guelph offers 4-6 month residential programs that are tailored to the needs of adult men and women. Stonehenge also welcomes transgendered and non-binary individuals within the programs. Check here for more information about the Stonehenge programs or call 519-837-1470.

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope is offered at its residence in downtown Kitchener. This program is for males aged 13 and up, from anywhere in Ontario. Participants:

  • Receive individual attention from staff in a small (6-bed) program
  • Learn healthy self-care in all aspects of life
  • Develop a personalized plan of recovery which involves peer support, individual counselling, life-skills and development, recreation and spiritual care
  • Complete school credits in the section 23 class, and earn academic credits for treatment participation
  • Learn the importance of community support through participation in volunteer work and attendance at 12-Step meetings
  • Enjoy sports and games, going to community events, and relaxed times at the house
  • Abstinence from all substances is required while in the program

 For more information about Ray of Hope services, please call 519-743-2311.

Homewood Health

The Homewood Health Centre in Guelph is a leader in mental health and addiction treatment, providing specialized psychiatric services to all Canadians. The costs of treatment at Homewood vary by program and type of accommodation. Residential addiction treatment is offered for men and women. For more information about program costs, please call 1-866-839-2594.

Community Addiction Treatment

House of Friendship Day Treatment

Bridges to Health offers the opportunity to meet with others in a supportive environment to learn techniques to reach substance use-related goals. Find support and encouragement in a group setting at various locations throughout Waterloo-Wellington. Some workshops are offered separately for men and women and others are for all genders. Gender is self-identified. For more information call 519-742-8327 ext.276.

Ray of Hope Day Treatment and Community Support

Ray of Hope offers community-based and day treatment for youth.

Community-Based Treatment is a highly individualized program for youth, aged 12 and up who:

  • Need support to address substance abuse problems, but who don't need (or aren't ready to consider) the more structured treatment offered by the Day Treatment or Residential programs.
  • Are transitioning out of Residential or Day Treatment and would like follow-up support.

The Day Treatment Program is for youth aged 13 and up who need structured support to overcome addiction and substance abuse, but who don't need (or are not ready to consider) more intensive support offered in a residential program. Participants will:

  • Learn to find alternative ways to cope with cravings, triggers and personal challenges
  • Attend schooling provided on site by WRDSB and can earn up to three credits for active participation in treatment in addition to any academic courses completed
  • Develop life skills such as emotion and time management, self-care, and budgeting
  • Learn to cope both as individuals and to rely on other participants for support and accountability

For more information about Ray of Hope services, please call 1-519-743-2311.

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community Supports

Specialized Addiction Support Coordination provides support coordination for specialized population (geriatric, acquired brain injury, developmental disability, complex mental health) living with addiction issues. Services are voluntary and provided to clients 18 years of age and older. Referrals are accepted from service providers only. Service providers are encouraged to contact Stonehenge at 519-837-1470.

Specialized Outreach Services (SOS) is an integrated team of peers and professionals that offers flexible outreach services to homeless or street-involved individuals with addiction, mental health or concurrent issues by providing supportive nursing, counselling and referrals to other community services. Services are provided to individuals living in Waterloo Region and Guelph. Please check Stonehenge programs for more information including the referral process.

Addiction Treatment for Pregnant and/or Parenting Women 

Moving Forward is a service offered by House of Friendship for women who are concerned about their substance use or are in recovery, and are pregnant and/or parenting children aged 0-6. Services include individual or group counselling and support, as well as the option of residential addiction treatment services. Call 519-957-5001 ext. 230 for more information. 

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