Several substance-use related services and programs are offered for youth and for family.

Youth Addiction Services and Supports 

Ray of Hope offers community-based treatment, day treatment, and residential treatment.

Community-Based Treatment is a highly individualized program for youth aged 12 and up who:

  • Need support to address substance abuse problems, but who don't need (or aren't ready to consider) the more structured treatment offered by the Day Treatment or Residential programs
  • Are transitioning out of Residential or Day Treatment and would like follow-up support

The Day Treatment Program is for youth aged 13 and up who need structured support to overcome addiction and substance abuse, but who don't need (or are not ready to consider) more intensive support offered in a residential program. Participants:

  • Learn to find alternative ways to cope with cravings, triggers and personal challenges
  • Attend schooling provided on site by Waterloo Region District School Board and can earn up to three credits for active participation in treatment in addition to any academic courses completed
  • Develop life skills such as emotion and time management, self-care, and budgeting
  • Learn to cope both as individuals and to rely on other participants for support and accountability

Once they've completed this program, youth are invited to participate in Ray of Hope's Community-Based Treatment Program for continued support.

Residential Treatment is offered at Ray of Hope's residence in downtown Kitchener. This program is for males aged 13 and up, from anywhere in Ontario. Participants:

  • Receive individual attention from staff in a small (6-bed) program
  • Learn healthy self-care in all aspects of life
  • Develop a personalized plan of recovery which involves peer support, individual counselling, life-skills and development, recreation and spiritual care
  • Complete school credits in the section 23 class, and earn academic credits for treatment participation
  • Learn the importance of community support through participation in volunteer work and attendance at 12-Step meetings
  • Enjoy sports and games, going to community events, and relaxed times at the house
  • Abstinence from all substances is required while in the program 

For more information about Ray of Hope services, please call 1-519-743-2311.


Portage Ontario is a non-profit organization that offers programs for adults and youth affected by substance-use problems to overcome their dependencies and live healthy, happy and productive lives. It is located in Elora, Ontario. For more information about Portage Ontario, please call 519-846-0945.

Support for Parents, Caregivers and Family Members

Ray of Hope offers supports for parents/guardians of youth participating in addiction programming or support, including:

  • An opportunity to learn and grow with others through weekly parent support groups
  • Knowledge about addictions, self-care and parenting approaches for dealing with at-risk youth
  • Ongoing support, even if their child chooses not to stay in treatment. Parent engagement in treatment alone can make a significant difference to the quality of the parent's life and also improve family relationships

To learn more about our youth addictions programs and family support please call 1-519-743-2311.


Al-Anon Family Groups is a community resource providing fellowship and support to spouses, adult children, partners, relatives, co-workers and friends of alcoholics who meet anonymously to share their experience, strength and hope in order to solve common problems. Al-Anon is non-professional, self-supporting, spiritually based, apolitical and welcomes all cultures. It is a separate fellowship from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). For more information on Al-Anon, check their website, or call 1-888-425-2666 (Al-Anon Family Groups Meeting Information Line), or 519-836-1522 (24-hour help line).

AL-TEEN is part of the Al-Anon fellowship designed for younger relatives and friends of alcoholics through the teen years. For more information, please call 1-888-425-2666.


Homewood Community Addiction Services offers family counselling, support and educational programs through individual, couple and group sessions. Counselling, education and support provide relief, understanding and an opportunity to explore effective coping strategies. There may be a cost associated with programming at Homewood Health.

Individual and Family Counselling - Clients will meet with the social worker to develop a plan to address specific issues related to addiction. To register call the Intake line 519-836-5733, ext. 2369

Two-Day Family Program - This is a two-day program offered twice a month to family members affected by addiction. The program provides family members with understanding of addiction and the impact it has on the family. Participants must be 18 years of age, live in Wellington/Dufferin County, or have a family member participating in the Homewood In-patient Addiction Program. To register, call 519-836-5733, ext. 2369

12-Week Family Support Group - This 12-week group support is offered twice a year (September and January) to family members who have completed the Two-Day Family Program. Some of the topics include communication, boundaries, dealing with emotions, and self-care. To register, call 519-836-5733, ext. 2352. 

Substance-Use Related Health/Detox Support for Youth 

The Withdrawal Management Centre, Grand River Hospital offers non-medical management of withdrawal symptoms for men and women 16 years of age or older in a residential setting. The Centre works on a self-referral basis. The Withdrawal Management Centre is located at 52 Glasgow Street in Kitchener. For more information, please call the Centre at 519-749-4318 or check the website.


Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic (RAAC) provides access to Physicians and/or Nurse Practitioners, Addiction Counsellors and Peer Support Workers who can provide medical assistance to anyone regardless of their age or the substance used, including help with managing withdrawal symptoms. Self-referrals and walk-ins are welcome. Services are paid for by OHIP. For more information call 1-844-722-2977 or check the website

Housing Support for Youth

oneROOF Youth Services is committed to providing the safety, support and overall well-being of youth age 12-25 experiencing or being at risk of homelessness in Waterloo Region. OneROOF provides resources and services that will enable youth to make positive choices to end the cycle of homelessness. For more information, please call 519-742-2788.

Support for Families who are Dealing with a Subtance Use-Related Loss

Bereaved Families of Ontario offers support for adults who are struggling with the loss of a loved one due to substance use. Please visit Bereaved Families of Ontario for more information. 

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