Alcohol is a depressant drug that is legal in Canada. Depressant drugs slow down the parts of your brain that affect your thinking, behaviour, breathing and heart rate. For this reason, alcohol should be consumed moderately.

In 2015, young adults aged 20-24 had the highest rate of alcohol use (83 per cent). Alcohol use was reported by 59 per cent of people aged 15-19 and 78 per cent of adults aged 25 and older (CAMH, 2018).

Below are some resources that can help you start a conversation with your parents, peers, family member, child or classroom about alcohol.

At Home
  • Drinking Nightmare – online game. This is a role-play “board game” style resource that incorporates decision-making activities. The game encourages rational alcohol use and explains the repercussions of “bad decisions”. Players choose a character. Through the game, the player gets more intoxicated if they choose to drink more often. There is a final test of coordination.
  • The Dangers of Underage Drinking. In this video, a group of young kids steal a bottle of tequila from their parent’s house party. Three alternate endings are shown.
  • Real Questions and Answers: Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention. High school students dispel common misconceptions to their elementary school peers. Note: this is ideal for preparing students for the elementary to high school transition.
At School

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